Taeltech chosen as finalists as part of Walmart’s Food Safety Innovation Centre

walmart Sep 22, 2020

Shanghai, September 3, 2020 - Taeltech is pleased to announce our position as finalists as part of a Walmart initiative to showcase companies championing global food safety developments.

Walmart’s Food Safety Innovation Centre has chosen Taeltech as one of 25 finalists. Through our loyalty point system, Taeltech allows users to scan and track an extensive range of products to ensure the integrity of product origin and supply chain journey.

Taeltech crowdsources consumer knowledge and participation to improve the availability and accuracy of information whilst protecting time and costs. As consumers scan product barcodes, our native technology stack recognizes the scanned content and reward consumers with loyalty points to increase their active participation within the ecosystem.

In addition to significantly improving the degree of information and transparency available to consumers, Taeltech furthermore allows merchants to acquire extensive data, including their shopping behavior across numerous channels, allowing merchants to better respond to consumer needs, predict behaviors and thus gain significant competitive advantages.

We are incredibly proud to be included in this initiative as a testament to our dedication to improving global consumer ecosystems, and we are excited about the valuable, lasting relationships this will build with key industry partners. To view the full official announcement, visit Walmart Food Safety Innovation Centre (in Chinese).

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About Taeltech

Taeltech is an authentic consumer insight & engagement ecosystem, built around the Taeltech loyalty points, that connects brands with millions of consumers, enabling data-driven marketing and rapid marketing experimentation. Our suite of products enables brands to build genuine relationships with consumers, boosting brand loyalty, increasing repeat purchasability, and creating the conditions to expand into new product areas. Our ecosystem spans China, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and Europe, and consists of over 50,000 consumers and products from over 120 brands. Learn more on www.taeltech.com


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