Tapping Into New Industries: Taeltech Acquires Medical License

Aug 19, 2020

We’ve achieved a major milestone towards expanding the Tael Ecosystem to include pharmaceuticals and OTC medicine: Taeltech has acquired a medical license allowing for the sale of a variety of health-related products.

The first products in this category to be onboarded onto the Tael Ecosystem are preventive healthcare products, such as verifiable authentic contraceptives, and adult lifestyle products.

Pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, and adult toys are heavily counterfeited product categories in dire need of a protective solution. Additionally, fake products in these categories leave consumers especially susceptible to health risk.

Taeltech technology aims to put a stop to this.

Tael high-tech NFC labels protect vital goods

The acquisition of a Class II Medical Devices License is the first step in a significant expansion, which sees us tapping into not just new product categories but a new industry altogether.

The WABI Team

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