Taeltech Partners With Smilemakers to Bring Smile-inducing Products to Users

Partnership Apr 08, 2020

International adult entertainment products brand joins forces with Taeltech's safe-product ecosystem to protect global consumers

SmileMakers, a Swedish producer of adult entertainment products, has finalised its agreement with Taeltech, the safe-product ecosystem ensuring verifiable product authenticity to consumers in over 500 cities in China.

Thanks to Tael's technology, Smilemakers will be able to provide the Chinese market with a wide variety of their smile-inducing adult entertainment products, the first product in our medical devices category.

Adult toys are a heavily counterfeited product category throughout Chinese markets, leaving consumers especially susceptible to health risks. By integrating with Taeltech, Smilemakers can reliably protect their consumers from product tampering and counterfeiting.

The agreement allows the Swedish manufacturer to develop a larger presence in the Chinese market through the Taeltech ecosystem. Smilemakers products are added to our marketplace and protected with Taeltech’s proprietary anti-counterfeit technology.

Building on this, Smilemakers will provide Taeltech with exclusive promotional opportunities whilst growing our range of protective healthcare products, securing an industry highly susceptible to counterfeiting.

“This partnership is a testament to the amazing developments being made by not only the Taeltech team, but the safe-product ecosystem as a whole. Working in such close affiliation with Smilemakers we’ve made significant strides in our development and understanding of the requirements of an effective anti-counterfeit ecosystem, and we are incredibly excited by the endless possibilities this brings to consumers around China.” Commented Alex Busarov, Taeltech CEO.

This partnership follows multiple recent Taeltech developments with leading Japanese companies, including Rakuten and MUFG.

About Smilemakers

Smilemakers is a Swedish organisation on a mission to normalise the perception of female sexuality through the creation of safe adult entertainment products. Smilemakers works with first-class suppliers with the strict safety and quality standards to bring premium and 100% body-safe products to consumers. Learn more about Smilemakers on www.smilemakerscollection.com.

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About Taeltech and Wabi

Taeltech is an authentic consumer insight & engagement ecosystem, built around the Wabi loyalty points, that connects brands with millions of consumers, enabling data-driven marketing. Our suite of products enables brands to build genuine relationships with consumers, boosting brand loyalty, increasing repeat purchasability, and creating the conditions to expand into new product areas. Our ecosystem spans China, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and Europe, and consists of consumers, products and millions of interactions between them. Learn more on www.taeltech.com


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