Taeltech Partners With ‘AHPC' To Provide Consumer Insights & Expansion Opportunities

Oct 23, 2020

Partnership to facilitate an integrated cross-border e-commerce solution for AHPC to enter Chinese markets

Shanghai, July 31, 2020 - Taeltech, a rapid marketing experimentation, and consumer intelligence firm, is pleased to announce our partnership with Australia Health Products Central (AHPC).

Our partnership with AHPC entails the development of a direct AHPC marketplace platform to assist the brand reach health-conscious consumers across China. In addition to this, Taeltech will provide AHPC with comprehensive brand protection and market experimentation services for their Cellife product marketing and development functions.

Taeltech will gain new functional product listing in the skincare and emerging supplement categories, adding to our extensive and rapidly-growing product portfolio. Furthermore, we gain access to the supply network of AHPC through this partnership, further growing our global partnership opportunities.

AHPC has 30+ years of experience in Australian pharmacy retail and owns a number of highly-prominent products including Cellife a functional supplement brand. In addition to this, they market and distribute major Australian branded supplements and skincare products including Cellane, Kissun, Xenical, Chanterlle, Cancer Council.

Whilst AHPC currently sells its own branded products to China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam through native e-commerce and direct distribution channels, this expansion elevates their capabilities to cover consumer insights, product recommendations, and a D2C service to facilitate their entry into the Chinese markets. Together, Taeltech and AHPC will develop a comprehensive cross-border e-commerce solution to sell directly to Chinese customers, with Taeltech providing product integrity and transparency guarantees to all consumers.

On the relationship, AHPC commented: “We are incredibly excited to expand our presence through an innovative platform [Taeltech], utilizing Jifen loyalty points to fuel customer retention and marketing tools to learn about consumer preferences available on the platform.”

Learn more about AHPC here. Read the full AHPC Taeltech announcement here.

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About Taeltech and Wabi

Taeltech is an authentic consumer insight & engagement ecosystem, built around the Wabi loyalty points, that connects brands with millions of consumers, enabling data-driven marketing. Our suite of products enables brands to build genuine relationships with consumers, boosting brand loyalty, increasing repeat purchasability, and creating the conditions to expand into new product areas. Our ecosystem spans China, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and Europe, and consists of consumers, products and millions of interactions between them. Learn more on www.taeltech.com

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