Rakuten partnership live

Partnership Jul 12, 2019

Rakuten has taken its first step in our on-going partnership by selling Rakuten products on the Taeltech Ecosystem. Ours is the only platform on which consumers can authenticate their Japanese products, gain Wabi rewards, and utilize the loyalty token for additional purchases.


Together creating a cross-border ecommerce solution for Japanese products to China with verifiable authenticity.

Rakuten has selected 3 ecommerce platforms in China to collaborate with:

Taeltech Ecosystem, JD.com, and Kaola.

The first batch of products has made its way onto our platform’s dedicated Rakuten Zone, bringing over 30 different high-demand products from Japan (protected with our anti-counterfeit solution) to the massive Chinese consumer market.

This exclusive collaboration kicked off with Rakuten’s acknowledgment on the importance of our technology, saying:

“Taeltech anti-counterfeit technology allows Chinese consumers to verify they have received a genuine Rakuten product, giving a unique value advantage for cross-border ecommerce. Together with Taeltech, we can further develop blockchain traceability and work towards cross-ecosystem integration of our platforms’ loyalty points.”

- Ye Jianyou, Global Trading & Flagship Section / Vice Senior Manager of Rakuten

This collaboration highlights how we stand out from the competition, even when placed next to JD.com and Kaola: by providing both digital and physical assurance of authenticity for Chinese consumers in a market plagued by counterfeits, with serious instances ranging from infant formula and cosmetics to supplements and mother care products.

On top of that, Rakuten will gain access to unique consumer behavior data which will aid their marketing efforts through the Tael ecosystem:
This Is Why Our Partners Have a Strategic Advantage utilizing Tael

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The Rakuten Zone, live on the Tael Ecosystem ecommerce platform

The products Rakuten are selling through the Tael ecosystem include some of the most demanded Japanese cosmetics and mother care products.

Brands and products include Bioré UV AQUA Rich Sunscreen, Elixir Anti-Wrinkle Essence Eye Cream, Ishizawa Labs Moisturizing Face Masks, Pigeon Peach Leaf Essence Body Lotion, and more.

Furthermore, we’ll be adding platform exclusive Rakuten products, protected with our anti-counterfeit label, to our marketplace.

Additional Rakuten products will be continuously added to the Taeltech ecosystem, based on Chinese consumer demand, as our partnership with Rakuten grows. We’re currently working towards joint blockchain traceability and the integration of the Wabi loyalty token, with Rakuten using the Taeltech ecosystem as a verifiable authentic product gateway into China’s significant consumer market.


About Rakuten:

Rakuten is Japan’s largest ecommerce platform with over 90 million registered users, 10.000 employees, and yearly global revenue of over 1 trillion yen. Rakuten is the world’s third largest ecommerce marketplace company, with a business network spanning ecommerce, travel, banking, securities, online marketing, and professional sports.


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