Working with Japan Government: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Partnership Apr 14, 2021

Original publication:

Under the aegis of Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Taeltech (Japan) Co. Ltd., Open Gate LLC., Koki Logistics Co. Ltd, NANBU BIJIN Co. LTD., Banjo Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. will form a consortium to implement a project aiming to set up cold chain logistics for the export of Japanese sake to China.

In 2020 the total export of Japanese sake exceeded 24.1 billion JPY (YoY growth of 103.1%), once again renewing the record for the 11 consecutive years growth streak. (SAKETIMES:2021.02.02

Exports to Hong Kong and Mainland China surged dramatically by 56.7% (6.1 B JPY) and 15.8% (5.8 B JPY) respectively, overtaking the US and claiming 1st and 2nd spots among export destinations. (Sankei Newspaper: 2021.02.07

The future growth of the Japanese sake market in China is an exceedingly important topic for the Japanese government.

Thus far, temperature controls for the Japanese sake exports have been very lax. As a result, overseas consumers may not always enjoy the original quality of the Japanese sake. One expects that with the improvement in the distribution and supply chain control, overseas consumers will enjoy the authentic taste of the Japanese sake, further stimulating sales.

The staff at the Ministry of Agriculture made the following statement regarding the initiative:

“We believe that tackling this long-neglected issue will take the entire Japanese sake value chain in China to a new level. We are hoping that the results of this initiative will not be limited to the Japanese sake, but will also increase the exports of other agricultural and marine products.”

Taeltech (Shanghai) co-founder and CEO Alex Busarov made the following statement:

“Japan has one of the most advanced manufacturing cultures, while China has the most demanding consumers. This project benefits both sides and promotes low-level bilateral economic and cultural links.”

The defining feature for this project is continuous and precise temperature monitoring throughout the entire cold-chain distribution network. First and foremost, the purpose of this trial is to demonstrate the technological and economic feasibility of the cold-chain export logistics for Japanese sake. Moreover, by engaging its dedicated marketplace and userbase, Taeltech will measure consumer satisfaction and the perception of Japanese sake with the Chinese consumers.


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