New Zealand Cherry Corp. Joins Taeltech Ecosystem to Protect Fresh NZ Cherries in China

Partnership Nov 26, 2019

The Taeltech ecosystem is proud to announce a partnership with the NZ Cherry Corp., New Zealand's largest cherry grower and exporter, to protect their fresh cherries all the way from Central Otago, New Zealand to the China market.

“A gift grown in New Zealand, for you.”

NZ Cherry Corp produces the highest quality cherries, the perfect product for Taeltech's first foray into protecting fresh produce. They are the largest cherry orchard in New Zealand and therefore well positioned to meet the rising demand amongst Chinese consumers for high-quality imported fruit.

The partnership with Taeltech, as part of safe product ecosystem, means NZ Cherry Corp can protect their consumers from fraudulent operators who seek to profit off adulterated or outright fake fruit.

As one of the most popular fruits in China, cherry imports reached USD $1.3 billion in 2018[1] - a number that continues to grow. With significant tariffs on US cherries currently, there is a big opportunity for exporters in other parts of the world, such as New Zealand, to take advantage of the popularity of imported cherries. Imported fruit also commands a much higher price than locally grown alternatives.

Of particular interest to Chinese consumers are NZ Cherry Corp's VIP gift boxes which are incredibly popular during Chinese New Year. These boxes are filled with the top 1% of cherries, selected after extensive high-tech inspection using state-of-the-art optical recognition equipment and careful packing by up to 6 staff.

NZ Cherry Corp VIP box with Tael label affixed

The high-tech Taeltech label can be seen affixed to the VIP box.

As with all products in the Taeltech ecosystem, the combination of high-tech NFC labels and blockchain form an anti-counterfeiting solution to prevent tampering with the cherries.

This high-tech solution also provides brands, such as NZ Cherry Corp, with much better consumer engagement data. How consumers use the Taeltech marketplace, as well as how they interact with products after they receive them, gives partner companies the ability to define their marketing activity more accurately. Metrics such as the scan rate of product labels, consumption habits and product ‘open’ rates provide valuable insights for companies that partner with the Taeltech.

In-store marketing and other offline retail communication strategies are fundamentally inefficient in the age of data. Taeltech customer insight platform can help brands to offer their customers much better experiences online and use their marketing budgets, which are often 15-20% of sales revenue for FMCG companies, much more effectively.

This partnership also enables us to diversify our opportunities to convert new customers to the the ecosystem. NZ Cherry Corp sells through a range of channels in China meaning that we can drive consumer adoption of Wabi from many new areas as our labels will be on the cartons across all the channels in which they are sold. After purchasing, Chinese cherry buyers will scan the label to be rewarded with shijifen, making them lifetime holders, and incentivized to explore the Taeltech marketplace.

The labels will be applied to NZ Cherry Corp’s cartons at their pack-house in Cromwell in the South Island of New Zealand. From there the products will be protected at each step of their journey to Chinese consumers.

The NZ Cherry Corp is based in Cromwell, in the South Island of New Zealand

The other key value of the solution is providing the end consumer with the ability to view the journey of the cherries from supplier through to their front door. Upon ‘touching’ the label, Taeltech app will show them details of how the cherries progressed through the supply chain.

For fresh ‘cold-chain’ products (meaning they are refrigerated at 0-2C through to the consumer) this is even more important. Customers will be able to see how long it has been since the cherries left the warehouse and that the packaging has not been manipulated in any way, thus proving that they remain safe for consumption.

NZ Cherry Corp’s fresh cherries will be protected by our labels from December this year - just in time for Chinese New Year. NZ Cherry Corp’s VIP gift boxes are a high demand holiday present, having sold out completely over Chinese New Year for the past three years.

Ringing out November...

The final week of November is shaping up to be quite exciting for the ecosystem, having secured placement on KyberSwap and announcing our expansion into perishables through the NZ Cherry Corp, with more to come! You can check out our Q3 Quarterly Review to get a sense of what else is coming up.

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